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TOO MUCH WORK ERASED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you pressed caps lock, you wouldn't have needed to hold shift while you wrote this. Midom (d) 23 genièr de 2012 a 16.23 (UTC)[respon]

Boulaur (d) 23 genièr de 2012 a 07.22 (UTC)[respon]

A big mistake

Man, I am afraid you chose the wrong wikipedia to make fun of us, and play the witty troll. Iki! Claudi/Capsot (d) 23 genièr de 2012 a 08.30 (UTC)[respon]

what? Midom (d) 23 genièr de 2012 a 16.23 (UTC)[respon]


As written on your user page, you're blocked with a request for explanation. My recommendation is you do not miss this opportunity. --— Joan Francés B. (me´n parlar) 23 genièr de 2012 a 13.19 (UTC)[respon]

Unfortunately, I had to unblock myself to respond, did not know how to do it in any other way, sorry. I'll respond to all this on my user page, it is not like it is useful for anything else. Midom (d) 23 genièr de 2012 a 16.23 (UTC)[respon]
No problem (even if you could have used the mailto feature, I presume). By the way we won't delete any template without a rationale to do so. An action is undergoing to solve some trouble due to the size of those templates (as far as I understand, some global db performance is at stake, but again, we need more technical explanations), and one of them has already been cleared by its author (user Boulaur). Even if we are few, we cannot accept (and sure you'll understand) that templates linked to more than 1000 pages are deleted without notice. Regards, --— Joan Francés B. (me´n parlar) 23 genièr de 2012 a 16.55 (UTC)[respon]
The fact, that such templates are used on that many pages actually make them eligible for nuking without notice. For killing with fire without notice. For freezing and shattering without notice. Seriously. And I put some more information on my user page. Cheers! Midom (d) 23 genièr de 2012 a 17.10 (UTC)[respon]
Actually, I guess you really missed the point... Your actions weren't as painful as the tone you used towards the user who created these templates, and also towards the users and administrators of the Occitan wikipedia. And well your status in the Wikimedia Foundation is not enough to display such an arrogance towards the rest of the community, I guess that your country has an educational system, that they taught you the basics of communication, and then your stay abroad should have taught you the intricacies of different cultures and their respect. We are not just a bunch of cepellinai about to be crunched, so you should have shown a little more respect... I won't teach you the rules of standard behavior so I guess you understand you should have begun where you just began a while ago, explaining who you are and the needs and then there wouldn't have been any soap nor shampoo (man, you display such a big amount of respect that it touches me...). Do not forget the Wikipedias are nothing without the communities! I hope things will improve from now on. Iki! Claudi/Capsot (d) 23 genièr de 2012 a 18.35 (UTC)[respon]
Well, I don't like fingerpointing too much, but tone was a matter of interpretation. Also, I did not engage in 'arrogance towards the rest of the community' first, I was banned on the wiki I was protecting/saving/restoring, and I was threatened with a global ban, was given 'one opportunity', etc. Writing all-caps with all those question marks was polite? Telling that all the investigation and cleanup I did was just to make fun and trolling is nice? My status is not with Wikimedia Foundation, my status is with all the websites, that we try to keep up. Wikipedias are nothing without the communities, but Wikipedias are nothing if they are not up and running. Going around and telling that I'm a vandal doesn't help your causes either. BR. Midom (d) 23 genièr de 2012 a 18.42 (UTC)[respon]
How are we supposed to understand: "if you see me coming, run." (it sounds like "troll" language, doesn't it?) or your latest words: "nuking without notice. For killing with fire without notice", is this proper behaviour? Is this place supposed to be Hiroshima or Nagasaki? Is nuking funny? Man, I am sorry, you went way over every possible line previously, making some dubious "puns" along with every erasure... I am really sorry that your supposed humor (or sarcasm) doesn't work with me or even with the whole community here, but well maybe who knows, somewhere else you might get a very good audience in some shows some day... Bye, Capsot (d) 23 genièr de 2012 a 19.06 (UTC)[respon]
Oxford English Dictionary has following example of use of the word 'nuking', meaning 'destroy; get rid of': I fertilized the lawn and nuked the weeds.. I'm sure this isn't used just in context of Hiroshima or Nagasaki. It is remarkable that you get offended by idioms that are used widely. It seems you've spent way more time analyzing my delete messages, than I did, so I'll probably take your opinion of it, yeah, those could have been better, I was too busy fixing the stuff, heeheeheee. Now, you greatly exaggerate by telling that every message I had went over every possible line, I have to admit that some did go over some lines, but not every possible, and definitely not every possible message. Unfortunately, as my OED example just showed, you probably have very one-sided interpretation of things, which may sure make you upset with me and with something else. I can offer you to breathe some air, and if in doubt, assume a good faith. Right? :-) Midom (d) 23 genièr de 2012 a 19.20 (UTC)[respon]
It's also strange to be offended by a word which has been used by MediaWiki for years: Special:Nuke. Nemo bis (d) 23 genièr de 2012 a 19.46 (UTC)[respon]

Midom was doing some useful work to fix the "out of memory" errors that were preventing many pages on oc.wp from being saved or even viewed, and were causing our servers to go into swap. Unfortunately he decided to combine that useful work with some "fun", by attempting to anger the local community. Judging by the discussion above, he succeeded. Please do not respond to him any further, you are only encouraging him.

Oh come on, there was no attempt to anger the community, there was lack of effort to please the community :-) Midom (d) 23 genièr de 2012 a 19.24 (UTC)[respon]

Please do not restore the pages he deleted, because this will cause oc.wp and our servers to break again. Instead, modify the bot which created the geographical articles so that it includes the relevant data directly in the article pages, as infobox parameters, instead of using large #switch based templates to generate that data. -- Tim Starling (d) 23 genièr de 2012 a 19.18 (UTC)[respon]

Hello and welcome here. It is agreeable to deal with standard non aggressive communication. I personally, and I think I speak on behalf of our entire community, greatly respect your work and thank you all for the time, energy and nerves spent trying to work all the things out and fix what goes wrong. Unfortunately we have very few people working around and not many experts in technicalities. It is obvious that some templates were wrong, some of our people had noticed it and Boulaur was doing the best he could to fix it but he is no expert. So, your help, as long as it is constructive, will be highly welcome and appreciated by everyone and if I (/we) can help you in any way, be sure I (/we) will try the best we can, so just tell us what we expect us to do. I am sure that Joan Francés will read this and erase the templates if you don't do it yourself. By the way I really commiserate with the poor weeds "killed with fire" (probably with a giant innocuous flamethrower), even though I won't be to their funeral, tell their family I am really sorry for them! Seriously, take care and thanks again for your kind words. Have a nice week and by the way Happy new year, may all your fondest wishes come true. Claudi/Capsot (d) 23 genièr de 2012 a 19.44 (UTC)[respon]

Time to wrap-up

First of all, Midom, be sure we are taking this seriously. We never intended to request for a global block without giving you a chance to explain your action in an understandable plain international English. We are not Geekipedia, we are not selfish overestimated computer people, just a group of unpaid volunteers trying to put together basic bits of knowledge for a really endangered language community. No, we are not used to follow-up the life of the English-language wikipedia. So please go back to reality, and just use Wikipedia as it was designed to: discuss, argue, dialog. Boulaur's templates are not that new...

And for your information, Boulaur's already started to correct things, and I'll help him (my original templates were for individual departments, at most 500 communes per department), and for us not really easy with bot programming, the use of models is a neat workaround (and I'm not sure the host of bots running everywhere is less dangerous for the servers...)

Tim, for the templates, just confirm me right now which ones are really dangerous and need to be deactivated. I'll liaise with Boulaur and act accordingly.

Best regards, --— Joan Francés B. (me´n parlar) 23 genièr de 2012 a 21.28 (UTC)[respon]

Well, I'm glad to always provide proper English (not sure how plain it gets) explanations all the time. I don't know why you bring in 'selfish overestimated computer people' in here, and I don't get what is it supposed to mean, I'm a volunteer too, and I love allowing everyone to put together bits of knowledge and spread it around. Thats why we're all here, right? Anyway, I did not go into personal attacks of any kind, yet I was banned, called various words, thrown around as vandal in various circles, before we even engaged into the analysis of the problem. That is not civil ;-) Midom (d) 23 genièr de 2012 a 23.12 (UTC)[respon]

Domas deleted all templates referenced by Blagny larger than about 200KB in his initial pass, and we found that Blagny was still hitting an OOM error despite that. It turned out that not all of the relevant templates were registered in the templatelinks table. We found another template, Modèl:InseedeNmfr, and Domas deleted that, but it was still failing to render. It wasn't until we found the last large template used by Blagny, Modèl:Popfr1982, and deleted it, that the page started working again.

We found in command line testing that Modèl:Popfr1982 by itself used about 200MB of memory, and caused random failures -- sometimes rendering, sometimes failing. That template has about 73000 #switch cases. We are currently discussing ways to limit #switch cases so that this kind of template will always fail instead of causing server issues.

The relevant figure here is the number of #switch cases used by an article altogether. I think you should be safe with less than 2000. So splitting up templates like Modèl:Popfr1982 into sections of 500 #switch cases should be OK as long as you don't include more than 4 of them into a page. -- Tim Starling (d) 24 genièr de 2012 a 18.59 (UTC)[respon]

the actual use of templates with #switch cases is 25 templates with 36 782 #switch cases (numbers of French cities) to give informations on French cities and their population (see the example of Saramon) .... we will reduce this by writing theses informations with a bot on wiki side.
Boulaur (d) 24 genièr de 2012 a 20.08 (UTC)[respon]

Vòstre estatut d'administrator

Bonjorn, soi un steward. Una novèla presa de decision a prepaus del levament dels « dreches avançats » (administrators, burocratas, etc.) es estada adoptada recentament per aprovacion consensuala de la comunautat. En seguida d'aquela presa de decision, los stewards passan en revista las activitats dels administrators suls wikis dins lo cadre d'aquela politica sus l'inactivitat.

Emplenatz los critèris d'inactivitat (pas cap d'edicion ni d'accion de jornalizacion dempuèi 2 ans) sus ocwiki, ont sètz un administrator. Coma ocwiki possedís pas sos pròpris processus de revista dels administrators, las règlas globalas s'aplican.

Se volètz conservar vòstres dreches, vos cal notificar a la comunautat que los stewards vos an mandat aquela informacion a prepaus de vòstra inactivitat per ne discutir. Segon la discussion comunautària, se aquela vòl que conservètz vòstres dreches, se vos plai contactatz alara los stewards sus lor noticeboard e donatz lo ligam cap a la discussion amb la comunautat, ont dison lor desir de contunhar a vos manténer los dreches, e demostran los besonhs de contunhar a manténer aqueles dreches.

Nosautres, los stewards, anam examinar las responsas. Se n'i a pas aprèp aproximativament un mes, procedirem alara al levament de vòstres dreches. En cas de dobtes, evaluarem las responsas e basarem nòstra decision en seguida dels comentaris e de la presa de decision de la comunautat locala. Per tota question, se vos plai, contactatz-nos sus nòstre noticeboard.

Plan coralament, Rschen7754 28 de junh de de 2014 a 07.00 (UTC)