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Tavèrna dels non-occitanofòns

La Tavèrna de Wikipèdia

Totas las discussions de 2015 son desenant archivadas. --— Joan Francés Blanc (me´n parlar) 5 genièr de 2016 a 05.57 (UTC)

Wikimania 2016 Scholarships - Deadline soon![modificar la font]

Please help translate to your language

A reminder - applications for scholarships for Wikimania 2016 in Esino Lario, Italy, are closing soon! Please get your applications in by January 9th. To apply, visit the page below:

Patrick Earley (WMF) via MediaWiki message delivery (d) 5 genièr de 2016 a 01.49 (UTC)

2016 WMF Strategy consultation[modificar la font]

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Hello, all.

The Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) has launched a consultation to help create and prioritize WMF strategy beginning July 2016 and for the 12 to 24 months thereafter. This consultation will be open, on Meta, from 18 January to 26 February, after which the Foundation will also use these ideas to help inform its Annual Plan. (More on our timeline can be found on that Meta page.)

Your input is welcome (and greatly desired) at the Meta discussion, 2016 Strategy/Community consultation.

Apologies for English, where this is posted on a non-English project. We thought it was more important to get the consultation translated as much as possible, and good headway has been made there in some languages. There is still much to do, however! We created m:2016 Strategy/Translations to try to help coordinate what needs translation and what progress is being made. :)

If you have questions, please reach out to me on my talk page or on the strategy consultation's talk page or by email to

I hope you'll join us! Maggie Dennis via MediaWiki message delivery (d) 18 genièr de 2016 a 19.06 (UTC)

Progrès per leis annadas futuras ?[modificar la font]

Un rapòrt dau Ministèri de la Cultura sembla se preocupar (un pauc...) de l'escritura de la lenga nòstra : [1]. --Nicolas Eynaud (d) 19 genièr de 2016 a 12.00 (UTC)

Occitan is missing[modificar la font]

Occitan is missing from this page:
Thank you, Varlaam (d) 19 genièr de 2016 a 18.59 (UTC)

Fach ǃ --Cedric31 (d) 21 genièr de 2016 a 11.44 (UTC)

Thanks very much for that! Varlaam (d) 21 genièr de 2016 a 16.08 (UTC)

Wikimedia e las lengas de França[modificar la font]

Qualqu'un èra al corrent ?
Coralament --Cedric31 (d) 22 genièr de 2016 a 14.30 (UTC)

Ai recebuda una invitacion, mas en discutir per email, me diguèron qu'èra per mond que participavan pas encara a la wikipèdia. En mai d'aquò, pagan pas lo viatge... Après l'experiéncia de Barcelona, me pensi que serà mai eficaç d'organizar de causas dins nòstras capitalas, a Tolosa, Marselha, Bordèu, Lion (amb los arpitans)... que non pas a París. Soi pas segur que i aja grand monde, amb lo nombre de rampeladas qu'ai recebudas... --— Joan Francés Blanc (me´n parlar) 22 genièr de 2016 a 17.19 (UTC)
Ai recebut ièr de ser un corrièr de WIimédia France amb la lista dels participants. Un fum de monde del CIRDÒC, tanben lo Benaset del CPLO e quauques autres. --— Joan Francés Blanc (me´n parlar) 28 genièr de 2016 a 07.44 (UTC)

Extension "article placeholder"[modificar la font]


Existís ara una extension que permet de desvolopar d’esqueletas d’articles a partir de Wikidata. Veire (en anglés):

Seriatz d'acòrdi per l’ensajar sus la wikipèdia en occitan?

--— Joan Francés Blanc (me´n parlar) 26 genièr de 2016 a 10.49 (UTC)

Òc ǃ Soi partent ǃ --Cedric31 (d) 4 febrièr de 2016 a 17.08 (UTC)

Concurso de lenguas maternas[modificar la font]

(es) Hola, desde Wikimedia España os invitamos a participar en el concurso de lenguas maternas, que se desarrollará entre el 7 y el 21 de febrero de 2016, ambos inclusive.

Con motivo del Día Internacional de la Lengua Materna (21 de febrero), organizamos un concurso consistente en editar en aragonés, asturiano, catalán, castellano, euskera, extremeño, gallego y occitano la mayor cantidad posible de los artículos que se presentan en el listado de partida, con el objetivo de lograr la mayor cantidad de traducciones posibles. Habrá tres premios a repartir entre los participantes que más contribuyan. Podéis encontrar más información aquí y, especialmente, en la página de coordinación del concurso en Meta. Suerte y que gane el mejor!. --Rubén Ojeda (WMES) (d) 5 febrièr de 2016 a 19.52 (UTC)

PD: Si es posible, por favor, rogamos que traduzcan este mensaje al occitano. Disculpas por escribir en castellano.

Wikimania 2016: call for posters, discussions and trainings[modificar la font]

Hi people,
the calls for posters, discussions and trainings for Wikimania 2016 are officially opened, you can find all the relevant links on the conference wiki:

The calls will be closed on March 20.

Posters will be reviewed just to make sure that there aren't things which are too much out of scope. Since we have a whole village we will surely find places to attach them, even if we they will be a lot!

Discussions will be managed by a guiding committee who will work on the wiki to meld all the proposals and suggestions.

Trainings will be reviewed by the programme committee. Please note that we request that each training has at least 3-5 interested attendees in order to be put in the programme.

By the beginning of April we will have a first list of all the accepted proposals.

If you have questions we suggest you to ask them on the discussion pages on wiki, so that everyone will be able to see them (and their answers, of course).

We are looking forward to read your ideas! --Yiyi (d) 29 febrièr de 2016 a 15.47 (UTC)

Little project for you[modificar la font]

Hi all. Sorry I don't speak lenga d'òc; I have started to add people born in Occitània on Wikidata and would like your help to create a full list on your wiki. Please take a look at my home page. Diolch! As we say in my language (Welsh). Llywelyn2000 (d) 16 març de 2016 a 18.12 (UTC)

Or maybe a detailed page of people born in Occitània exists? Llywelyn2000 (d) 17 març de 2016 a 06.32 (UTC)
Hi. Yes this page exists, but it's not very detailled. Have a look here: Lista de personatges occitans.Jiròni (d) 17 març de 2016 a 08.32 (UTC)
Utilizaire:Jiròni - Many thanks! I've now created a test page for you to see what is possible - in my userspace. This list comes directly from Wikidata. Please add "Year of birth" as column headers afte a colon e.g. "?yob:Year of birth". You can also translate the two templates, if you like: Modèl:Wikidata list and Modèl:Wikidata list end; there are only a few sentences. Please come back to me if I can help. Do you know how to add Occitan people on Wikidata, to produce a longer, better list? Llywelyn2000 (d) 17 març de 2016 a 11.08 (UTC)
Good; now hit the 'Manually update' button to see the translated text. Llywelyn2000 (d) 17 març de 2016 a 12.12 (UTC)

Just made this video, just to help you. It shows: 1. copy name into Wikidata to find person. 2. Add Occitania as place of birth. And that's it! Oh yes: 3. refresh 'Manually update' above the table. You could then either add whole code or just the table onto your article (Lista de personatges occitans). All the best! Llywelyn2000 (d) 17 març de 2016 a 12.28 (UTC)

Thank you so much for the video; i'll try to understand how it works!Jiròni (d) 17 març de 2016 a 12.33 (UTC)
Oh, you're welcome! I've done a few more. If you want a video with voice (in English, unfortunately!) then it would only take me 5 minutes? Just added another 8 or 9. Because the data is added on Wikidata, it goes into other languages; so my Welsh Ocsitania page also increases! We could put it on Catalan, Basque, Spanish, French wikis too! Attack! Llywelyn2000 (d) 17 març de 2016 a 14.30 (UTC)
One user (User:Ayack) on Wikidata has taken the word Occistania from some of the names on Wikidata. You can see which ones [2] eg Miquèl de Nòstra Dama and Pèire Godolin. I will leave a message on his talk page, but it would be better for you to discuss with him whether these people were born in Occitania or not. Thanks. Llywelyn2000 (d) 17 març de 2016 a 22.50 (UTC)
I've added location (emplaçament actual) of Tolosa as being in Occitània! That's sorted it. But do keep an eye on the list - if it gets smaller, you'll know that someone is playing stupid up in Wikidata! All the best! Llywelyn2000 (d) 29 abril de 2016 a 08.22 (UTC)
Thank you for your work Llywelyn2000, the list is much more important now!Jiròni (d) 29 abril de 2016 a 18.12 (UTC)

New Wikipedia Library Accounts Available Now (March 2016)[modificar la font]

Apologies for writing in English. Please help translate to your language

Hello Wikimedians!

The TWL OWL says sign up today!

The Wikipedia Library is announcing signups today for free, full-access accounts to published research as part of our Publisher Donation Program. You can sign up for access to research materials from:

  • Cambridge University Press - a major publisher of academic journals and e-books in a variety of subject areas. Access includes both Cambridge Journals Online and Cambridge Books. 25 accounts.
  • Alexander Street Academic Video Online - a large academic video collection good for a wide range of subjects, including news programs (such as PBS and BBC), music and theatre, lectures and demonstrations, and documentaries. 25 accounts.
  • Baylor University Press - a publisher of academic e-books primarily in religious studies and the humanities. 50 accounts.
  • Future Science Group - a publisher of medical, biotechnological and scientific research. 30 accounts.
  • Annual Reviews - a publisher of review articles in the biomedical sciences. 100 accounts.
  • Miramar Ship Index - an index to ships and their histories since the early 19th century. 30 accounts.


  • Noormags - Farsi-language aggregator of academic and professional journals and magazines. 30 accounts.
  • Kotobna - Arabic-language ebook publishing platform. 20 accounts.


  • Gale - aggregator of newspapers, magazines and journals. 50 accounts.
  • Elsevier ScienceDirect - an academic publishing company that publishes medical and scientific literature. 100 accounts.

Many other partnerships with accounts available are listed on our partners page, including Project MUSE, De Gruyter, EBSCO, and British Newspaper Archive. Do better research and help expand the use of high quality references across Wikipedia projects: sign up today!
--The Wikipedia Library Team 17 març de 2016 a 20.30 (UTC)

You can host and coordinate signups for a Wikipedia Library branch in your own language. Please contact Ocaasi (WMF).
This message was delivered via the Global Mass Message tool to The Wikipedia Library Global Delivery List.

Open Call for Individual Engagement Grants[modificar la font]

IEG barnstar 2.png

Please help translate to your language:

Greetings! The Individual Engagement Grants (IEG) program is accepting proposals until April 12th to fund new tools, research, outreach efforts, and other experiments that enhance the work of Wikimedia volunteers. Whether you need a small or large amount of funds (up to $30,000 USD), IEGs can support you and your team’s project development time in addition to project expenses such as materials, travel, and rental space.

With thanks, I JethroBT (WMF) 31 març de 2016 a 15.47 (UTC)

Articles without content 2[modificar la font]

Hi users of Occitan Wikipedia.

We had this discussion last year on these masses of articles without content that have been created by a bot. I know that some of you don't want to have them deleted in a row. I've set the deletion template in all of these articles with a script. So now you can find all these articles in Categoria:Pagina prepausada a la supression. I won't delete them as you wanted to improve them all. Unfortunately the template that has been used fot these article can't be corrected in a way that some content is displayed from Wikidata. Wikidata does not wpork like that. There have to be indentifiers for every information part set in all articles. I think it would be better if you write real information in these articles. I've seen that some of you have started to improve the articles. Good luck! I'll have a look again in let's say one or two years.

Best regards. --Holder (d) 31 març de 2016 a 19.16 (UTC)

Two more suggestions:
If you don't want readers to see the link on Categoria:Pagina prepausada a la supression in the articles you can hide it with __HIDDENCAT__.
Perhaps it would also be helpful for readers if you write in the deletion template something like "if you want to improve this article click here" with a link to the editor.
--Holder (d) 31 març de 2016 a 19.27 (UTC)

Comienza Wiki Loves Folk![modificar la font]

Hola, en primer lugar disculpas por no escribir en occitano. Hoy arranca un nuevo concurso fotográfico organizado por Wikimedia España y centrado en fiestas declaradas de interés turístico en España: Wiki Loves Folk. El concurso tiene como objetivos recopilar imágenes con licencia libre para ilustrar contenidos sobre estas fiestas en Wikipedia y potenciar la presencia en internet del folclore español. A la par que su riqueza monumental o medioambiental, España posee un folclore rico y variado que merece la pena difundir: carnavales, festivales gastronómicos, celebraciones religiosas como fiestas patronales, Semana Santa o Corpus Christi, acontecimientos culturales y deportivos, o fiestas populares, entre otros.

Se trata de compartir fotografías originales, tomadas recientemente o en el pasado, entre el 1 y el 30 de abril de 2016 —o, en un segundo periodo, entre el 15 de noviembre y el 15 de diciembre de 2016—. Son objeto del concurso todas aquellas fiestas declaradas de interés turístico por las distintas administraciones, con carácter internacional, nacional, autonómico, provincial o local. El listado completo, con información complementaria y un mapa por cada comunidad autónoma, está disponible en, la página web del concurso. Para participar, basta con poseer una cuenta de usuario en Wikimedia Commons y subir las fotos siguiendo los pasos descritos en la web.

Os animamos a participar y contribuir a la difusión del patrimonio cultural español. Un cordial saludo. --Rubén Ojeda (WMES) (d) 1 abril de 2016 a 19.24 (UTC)

Server switch 2016[modificar la font]

The Wikimedia Foundation will be testing its newest data center in Dallas. This will make sure Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia wikis can stay online even after a disaster. To make sure everything is working, the Wikimedia Technology department needs to conduct a planned test. This test will show whether they can reliably switch from one data center to the other. It requires many teams to prepare for the test and to be available to fix any unexpected problems.

They will switch all traffic to the new data center on Tuesday, 19 April.
On Thursday, 21 April, they will switch back to the primary data center.

Unfortunately, because of some limitations in MediaWiki, all editing must stop during those two switches. We apologize for this disruption, and we are working to minimize it in the future.

You will be able to read, but not edit, all wikis for a short period of time.

  • You will not be able to edit for approximately 15 to 30 minutes on Tuesday, 19 April and Thursday, 21 April, starting at 14:00 UTC (15:00 BST, 16:00 CEST, 10:00 EDT, 07:00 PDT).

If you try to edit or save during these times, you will see an error message. We hope that no edits will be lost during these minutes, but we can't guarantee it. If you see the error message, then please wait until everything is back to normal. Then you should be able to save your edit. But, we recommend that you make a copy of your changes first, just in case.

Other effects:

  • Background jobs will be slower and some may be dropped.

Red links might not be updated as quickly as normal. If you create an article that is already linked somewhere else, the link will stay red longer than usual. Some long-running scripts will have to be stopped.

  • There will be a code freeze for the week of 18 April.

No non-essential code deployments will take place.

This test was originally planned to take place on March 22. April 19th and 21st are the new dates. You can read the schedule at They will post any changes on that schedule. There will be more notifications about this. Please share this information with your community. /User:Whatamidoing (WMF) (talk) 17 abril de 2016 a 21.07 (UTC)

Collaborazzion con la Wikipedia in Lombard[modificar la font]

Bondì a tucc, mi son el Sciking, admin de la Wikipedia in Lombard. In di ultim dì hemm fad ona collaborazzion con la Wikipedia Galizziana, e pensavi che 'l saria bell far ona collaborazzion con la Wikipedia occitana, per scriver di vos sora la storia, la coltura e la lengua lombarda e occitana! --Sciking (d) 20 abril de 2016 a 23.10 (UTC)

Wikipedia to the Moon[modificar la font]

Hello! Sorry that this is in English only, but we are using village pump messaging in order to reach as many language communities as possible. Wrong page? Please fix it here.

This is an invitation to all Wikipedians: Wikimedia Deutschland has been given data space to include Wikipedia content in an upcoming mission to the Moon. (No joke!) We have launched a community discussion about how to do that, because we feel that this is for the global community of editors. Please, join the discussion on Meta-Wiki (and translate this invitation to your language community)! Best, Moon team at Wikimedia Deutschland 21 abril de 2016 a 15.35 (UTC)

Wikimédia France e las lengas infrasubimportantas coma l'occitan...[modificar la font]

Adieu a totes, Vos assabenti d'un messatge que foguèt mandat a doas personas (Mertyl e un autre) fa ja qualque temps ja que per mejan de Facebook ai agut d'autras nòvas que vos laissi çai-jos! Un pauc estranh aqueste procediment de laissar pas res a la Tavèrna o de causir doas personas que son pas activas (dempuèi un brave brieu a mai). Vòli pas semblar marrida lenga... mas sembla "a vos aviam laissat un messatge, l'avètz pas vist?..."

Wikimédia et les Langues de France
Je te contacte car depuis plusieurs mois, Wikimédia France a lancé une action pour aider au développement des Wikipédia en langues régionales et/ou minoritaires. Tu peux retrouver les différentes actions entreprises sur la page Projet: Langues de France. Concernant l'occitan, nous travaillons avec l'association Lo Congress et le CIRDOC de Béziers.
Dans le cadre de la Wikiconvention d'août à Paris, nous souhaiterions réunir des contributeurs des Wikipédia concernés afin d'échanger autour des difficultés rencontrées dans leur développement.
Si tu es intéressé pour participer aux différentes actions qui se mettent en place, n'hésite pas à me contacter à l'adresse suivante
En te remerciant par avance,
--Xenophon75 (d) 11 mai de 2016 a 13.56 (UTC)

La segonda causa es lo programa de la jornada organizada per Wikimedia France qu'aparentament i participa pas cap de wikipedian de lengas minorizadas!!!: [3]. Coma n'i aviá pas pro amb la conquèsta, cal segur una reconquèsta!!! Del costat occitan, la preséncia de "Benazet Dazeas, directeur du Congrès Permanent du la Langue Occitane" (segur quina lenga mai complicada, article contractat seguit d'un article!). Fin finala, van parlar de la Wikipèdia sens aver cap de wikipedian "regional", wow!!! Son fòrts los galeses!

E ara la tresena e darrièra nòva, benlèu la mai presada per nosautres e mai se coneissèm la realitat, conflada, del projècte: [4]. Bona nuèch e bona setmana! Amistats, Claudi/Capsot (d) 18 mai de 2016 a 21.19 (UTC)

Adieu Claudi, tanben ieu recebèri lo messatge. Ai pas agut léser de respondre. Far venir de foncionaris o assimilats a París per discutir de las lengas regionalas, es pas lo primièr còp qu'o fan. Ieu que soi pas foncionari, pòdi pas me pagar lo viatge als fraisses dels contribuables, alara... --— Joan Francés Blanc (me´n parlar) 30 mai de 2016 a 11.05 (UTC)