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"Ieu soi Llywelyn2000 qu'aimi l'aura
e caci [chaci] la lèbre amb lo buòu
e nadi contra subèrna.

I'm sorry I do not speak lenga d'òc; my first language is Cymraeg (Welsh). My home is on cy:Defnyddiwr:Llywelyn2000 and my real name is Robin Owain.

I would like to start a little project based on people born in Occitània, there weren't any on Wikidata (at 5.00pm 16 March 2016), so I've started adding 'place of birth = Occitània. By 5.45pm, there were 12 on the list! The table comes in automatically from Wikidata.

Any one interested in helping me? It will also show you where the gaps are (wher you have no articles). Then we can do a list of people born in Wales like this one.

I would also like to request permission to add two templates, which you can see here.

Need help? Take a look on how to edit Wikidata. Short video for my Occitan friends!

Pobl a anwyd yng Nghymru: Lista de personatges galeses
Pobl a anwyd yn Ocsitania: Lista de personatges occitans
John Thomas