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It's really a shame that a wikipedia in a minoritarian language (occitan) take the point of view of the most radical and ignorant section of Spanish nationalism ("Traditional you call it? Since when? Did you even read Menendez Pidal? He never said that asturleonés was a dialect of the Spanish, but of the Latin). This stupid idea of Asturian language being a dialect of Spanish is not supported by any serious philologist since is based just in politics, not in science, and its not even traditional. Asturian language is an independent language with its origin in Asturias and Leon, it appeared directly from the Latin. The Spanish appeared, at the same time, in north of Castilia. They of course seem each other as occitan and french do. Should we say that Occitan is a dialect of French? Shame on you, author of this article, that gave to the Asturian language the same nasty treat that France have given to your minoritary language in order to make it dissapear. Really shameful and disgusting this article and the other one about Asturian.

Where to get good info in Wikipedia about the asturllionés[Modificar lo còdi]

Please, if you dont have good information about this language, just have to consult the version in english: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asturian_language or even better the version in catalan: https://ca.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asturlleon%C3%A8s