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Bienvenido, Velkommen, vítáme vás, Witamy, Καλώς Ορίσατε, Добро пожаловать, Salvē, 歡迎, 欢迎, 歓迎, 환영합니다, ยินดีต้อนรับ, Dobrodošli, أهلاً وسهلاً, Вітаємо, Welkom, सुस्वागतम, Добредојдовте, Croeso, Добре дошли, Вітаем ... Gibraltarpedia in an international and multi-cultural collaboration
Bienvenido, آداب عرض, स्वागत, ברוך בואך, Benvido, Benvenuto, Benvinguts, Bienvenue, Bonvenon, Willkommen, Fàilte, Ongi etorri, Tere tulemast, Tervetuloa, Üdvözlet, Välkomna... Gibraltarpedia in an international and multi-cultural collaboration

Plaque in this language in Gibraltar about Peirièra de Forbes[modificar la font]

A sample plaque

Sorry for using English. We plan to make this article accessble via a plaque with a QRpedia code on it. As this article is available in Occitan then we;d like to feature the name of this article on the plaque - does it have a translation for the title? This is just for information. If you want to see which other articles will also be in Occitan (or could be?) then look here . Thanks Victuallers (d) 22 octobre de 2012 a 13.17 (UTC)

The toponym could be translated as "Peirièra de Forbes", "Peirèra de Forbes", into languedocian and gascon dialects respectively. Ezpeltzaha (d) 22 octobre de 2012 a 13.44 (UTC)
That would help a lot.... could you rename the oocitan article? We would use occitan on other plaques too if there were a few more examples. Although having one example is good to see. Thanks for your help Victuallers (d) 23 octobre de 2012 a 21.38 (UTC)