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Please change the name, "Orense" doesn't exits, Ourense exits. Officially, also in spanish, the name of the city is Ourense. Please, respect the spanish legality.We fight for a long time to have this recognition of the Spanish parliament, we know in Galicia your fight against parisian centralism that is against your language, so respect our fight like we repect yours.

You can see the web page from the city council,http://www.ourense.es/portalOurense/home.jsp?language=es , you'll never find the word "Orense", like in the city of A Coruña you'll never find the word "La Coruña". You can only see other wiki pages from other languages. Spanish wiki it's against galician language, so they put "Orense", but you might look to other wiki pages, the majority put Ourense.


-- (d) 30 novembre de 2009 a 04.02 (UTC)